[CQ-Contest] Monitor Your Steam Out - save some for the Contest!

Phillip zl2tze at yahoo.com.au
Wed Oct 19 13:05:57 PDT 2011

Yea and us Kiwis get 500 and the VKs get 400 and both National bodies are
trying to get it increased .. 

Shame  there are no sections for restricted out puts like ZL 500 w / VK  400
w in most contests its either
100 ( LP )  and the rest is High power up to 1500 watts and any more than
100 falls into the high power and I assume that the organisers etc consider
HIGH power up to the USA max  of  1500  watts for all when it is not !! 

I just wish that those that run High power cleaned out their EARS so that
they can hear us tiddlers  when they are 5 x 9 + 40 !!!
There are a few in BV etc etc and other places ..
So its building steam up slowly so here's hoping we get a bigger boiler and
we get close to 1.5 Kw but as I understand it we are going for
1 Kw and I think the VKs  are similar . 

There should be no interpretations of country regulations, these are set by
law and any measurements taken to determine
power output should be per that countries regulations ..

This is where a lot of issues arise its the " interpretations" when you
should be dealing with the legal requirement and the countries
Radio Regulations ..

All interpretations end up being interpreted differently by others !!! when
the written law is clear unless challenged in a court of law.

73 Phillip

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From: Mats Strandberg 
Date: 20/10/2011 01:44:55 
To: Jukka Klemola 
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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Monitor Your Steam Out - save some for the
Hello Jukka! 
Thanks for the clarification. I hope the ongoing discussions will end up in 
something even better for CQWW 2012. We all live in a world with different 
regulations and different approach how to interpret them, but the important 
is that we contesters seem to overlook the differences in national 
regulation and focus on how the contest organizer wish to put things. Even 
if the US is allowed to use 1500 Watts and we "Russians" are only allowed to

use 1000 Watts... this does not in reality make all that much difference. 
The important is that we understand that total 1500 Watts into the antenna 
feeder (at the output of the amplifier) is total power. If we split 1500 
Watts into three antennes for some reason - an average of 500 Watts goes 
into each antenna. 
73 de RA/SM6LRR, Mats 

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