[CQ-Contest] Multiple direction antennas on one radio...why?

Bill Tippett btippett at alum.mit.edu
Thu Oct 20 09:12:25 PDT 2011

	I've been doing this with my 10m 3-stack since installing it in 
1999.  When the band is open to EU (local mornings), my bottom 2 are 
usually on EU and the top is SE for Caribbean, SA and long path Far 
East.  Using a Stackmatch, 1 kW is on the 2 antennas and 500 W is on 
the 3rd.  In local evenings, I usually have the top 2 on JA and the 
bottom on S. Pacific or sometimes SA.  I usually try to keep the two 
sets orthogonal so strange things don't happen, although sometimes an 
odd combination will help with very weak backscatter (e.g. Caribbean).

	It can also be effective to TX on 3 with one in the rear direction 
and on RX switch to 2 in the desired direction.  This makes my 
presence known to some local USA who may otherwise be deaf to me.  ;-)

					73,  Bill  W4ZV

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