[CQ-Contest] Multiple direction antennas on one radio...why?

Rob Van Geen rvangeen at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 20:16:57 PDT 2011

I sometimes split 5 watts into two directions, with the same effect of
clearing the QRM from my run frequency.


- Rob, NH6V

On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 3:26 AM, Mark Beckwith <n5ot at n5ot.com> wrote:

> > does anyone know what stations doing this really do?
> N5OT does this.  I have a tee in the coax and connect two antennas to it.
> > Why would someone do that?
> To transmit and receive in two directions at the same time.
> > Are these systems planned?
> This is done intentionally, if that's what you mean.
> I know my answers are teasing you, Tom, but really, I'm an operator, not a
> radio scientist, and this is the best way I've found to keep guys off my
> frequency while at the same time hearing people who are calling me from
> more
> than one place, both of which are common requirements of a contest station.
> If it means I'm 32 over 9 instead of 35 over 9, that's not really a big
> enough issue to spend time, money or complexity on.
> Even 30 over 9 will get by in a pinch.
> The more important question is does this make my score go "up" or "down"?
> The answer is, anecdotally, "up."
> In my dreams I'd love to have more flexibility (i.e. select exactly which
> two antennas, and possibly transmit on two but switch to only one on
> receive
> to pull out an occasional weak guyT) but I have never gotten around to
> investing the time or money it would take. Operating at W8JI was like a
> dream come true.
> 73, Mark, N5OT
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