[CQ-Contest] Plesant change / multiple antennas

rob beaudoin wa1fcn at charter.net
Sat Oct 22 08:50:06 PDT 2011

First thank you George k5kg. Dave ab7e and Cort k4wi for input on my experiment of using
multiple antennas.  I need to read more on the subject, but from the liitle I have read I may
have problems with this.  The thing is I have two different beams  (A4S and TH 5 ) on seperate towers.
Up to this point I can feed  the TH5   at  75 feet  alone  or  the th5  and A4S  (at 35 ft ) together.
Not the A4S alone yet.   With both beams  swr goes up  a bit but rigs antenna tuner takes care
of it.  I am thinking I can live with this ?  It is probably to soon to know for sure, but even with this 
simple setup I like the results I see.   I would say with CQ WW comming up next weekend I should 
have a better feel for this idea.  i certainly am opean for any more sugestions or explanations why
this is not a good idea.

OBTW Cort good luck with your 10 meter setup, I am sure it will as good or better than before the storm.
In my case I was luck only the short tower bent over its now only a 33 footer  
73 Bob WA1FCN

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