[CQ-Contest] Getscores goes social...

Gerry Hull gerry at yccc.org
Wed Oct 26 20:11:46 PDT 2011

Hello fellow Contesters,

Are you ready for CQ-WW-SSB?   Weather you are planning to win the world, or
simply to compete against a bunch of your local friends, why not post your
score live on www.getscores.org?    If you have N1MM, WinTest, Writelog or
TrLog, it's pretty simple setup.

Getscores is ready and running for the upcoming contest season.  I've made
some improvements in the display.  When you are viewing the results, you can
now hover your mouse over the callsign, and the breakdown for that station
will show in a floating, popup window.  Give it a try, it's pretty neat.
(This feature does not work on the Test page, just live results.)

You can now keep track of Getscores activity and who's doing what using
Twitter and Google+!   Just follow getscores_live on Twitter, or follow /
add "Getscores org" to your Google+ ring.   You can filter tweets using the
Cabrillo name of the contest: #CQ-WW-SSB for CQ World Wide SSB.  During any
live contest, you'll get tweets/posts showing who is leading (on Getscores)
in each category.   This feature is beta quality, and I'll be tweaking it
over the coming months.

73 and have fun!

Gerry, W1VE

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