[CQ-Contest] inhale, spots, skimmer, etc: WHAT'S THE POINT?

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I'll go you one better.

What if I find xx8xx on my own... a very short time later you tell me "hey,
xx8xx is on yy.xxx," and someone overhears it.  Am I "assisted" because
someone tells me something, whether solicited or not?  Would I be accused of
being "assisted" because someone overheard the exchange, without knowing I'd
already worked the station(s) in question and neither solicited nor desired
the information?

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It has been said that if I am operated SOU and a friend stops by and says 
'xx8xx is on 14.200', and I go work him I'm now assisted.

What if I find xx8xx on my own and he says 'I'm also listening on 7200', and

I go work him.  Does that make me assisted?  I wouldn't have known he was 
there without him telling me, as I'm not using packet cluster.  That seems 
to violate the 'locate' part of unassisted.  73

>Single Operator (that is, one who is operating Without Assistance) must
*alone* perform both of the following activities:
#1 - locate (tune in) each signal AND
#2 - identify each callsign that will be entered into his log.

Both #1 and #2 requirements must be met in order to be considered single op.

The operator must #1 locate or tune in each signal (or set his radio to a
specific frequency by turning a dial, or initiate frequency selection by
computer control or whatever) AND
#2, he must identify (or copy) the callsign of that station he located by

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