[CQ-Contest] Let's start with: "What is single operator"? (Not Assisted)

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Perhaps there is a language barrier here, but getting assistance from
another human makes you multi-operator - it does not make you Assisted.
Apparently, this is something that may be not very well understood in
languages other than English. Perhaps this discussion may lead to a
breakthrough in understanding - I certainly hope so.

Again, to clearly see the distinction between single op and single op
assisted, you need to start and understand clearly what single operator
means. By the way, this definition that I'm proposing is my opinion, and
not part of any contest rules thus far, but I think it should be. It also
does not represent the official position of any contest committee I might
be a member of. I have spent a great deal of time in analyzing the various
definitions and I have consulted with many top contesters for their
opinions, and what I am describing is what I believe to be very useful.

Lets ignore digital modes for the moment, and focus on CW - the same
principles generally apply, but the necessity to use a decoder for digital
modes complicates the explanation. Once we understand the basic
definitions for CW it will become obvious for the other modes.

I apologize for being repetitive of my earlier postings, but it is my
opinion is that a Single Operator (that is, one who is operating Without
Assistance) must alone perform both of the following activities:
#1 - locate (tune in) each signal AND
#2 - identify each callsign that will be entered into his log.

Both #1 and #2 requirements must be met in order to be considered single op.

The operator must #1 locate or tune in each signal (or set his radio to a
specific frequency by turning a dial, by computer control or whatever)AND
#2, he must identify (or copy) the callsign of that station he located by

Devices that automatically do either or both of these two functions
automatically, like skimmer, would not be part of what a single op can use
- as it (skimmer), rather than the operator, would be both locating and
identifying the callsigns that would end up in the log.

Again, if there is another operator involved in performing either of these
two activities, then your entry category would be multi-operator of some
sort and definitely not Assisted. In other words, one cannot get
assistance in this context from another person

Do you have any issue with the definition I propose for single operator?

Bob W5OV

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