[CQ-Contest] W6CF / W6CUF memories

Tree tree at kkn.net
Tue Apr 3 11:37:56 PDT 2012

Without looking - who can answer these?

1. Who won the SS CW contest in 1966?
2. Who did the writeup?

No - they weren't the same person.

Recently - I stumbled on a 8X10 picture from WAY back (like 1950ish)  of
Jim Maxwell, W6CF (ex W6CUF).  I am not sure how I got it - but N5ET might
know.  It had been sitting in my bookshelf for who knows how long.

You can view this historic photo here:


Jim is the nice looking young man at the top of the photo.

Then - as I tried to find out more about this picture - I found a W6CUF QSL
card from 1949 on E-bay!!  Had to have it.  You can view it in that same
directory (just back out the .jpg filename).

I also had a contribution from N6AA of a 1966 QSL card from the SS CW -
which made me look at the results (which are also in that directory).

If anyone has other W6CF/W6CUF trinkets - maybe we can post them in the
same place.

And no - I am not going to post any of his limericks.  Those had to be
heard in person to fully appreciate (with proper alcoholic consumption).


PS: Answers to the questions: W6CUF of course.  W1YYM did the results - who
is better known as W1YL/4 these days.

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