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Tod Olson tod at k0to.us
Sat Aug 11 20:28:37 PDT 2012

I am a little puzzled here. There are at least two phrases used in English
that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meaning.

One is "hear, hear" generally associated with the British house of
Parliament when some folks like what the speaker has just said. Their
utterance is made to show support for at point.

The other is an admonition spelled "here, here" which is used often to
indicate that the person does not agree with a point of action made by
someone else. [I suppose that it could also be used to indicate to someone
you are saving them a place at your table].

Somehow the point made in the email below is not entirely clear to me.

I was a member of the ARRL Board when the DC multiplier was inserted into
a contest as a bit of 'political payoff'. Lot's of Board members were not
enthusiastic about doing so, but somehow 'learned' to accept a multiplier
that was inserted just so the one operator in the District could be a
'rare multiplier'.

This being a Presidential election year I am sure it is an 'proper' topic
for the reflector. Don't worry about reason, it is not required.

Tod, K0TO

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>Here, here!
>Add CQ WW RTTY to the list as well.
>Paul, N8HM
>Washington, DC
>On 8/10/2012 4:24 PM, Mike Tessmer wrote:
>> With this talk about new sections/multipliers, I think what NN3W may
>>have hinted at is:
>> Why is DC not a multiplier in the NAQP?
>> I asked this same question a few years ago and got exactly one answer
>>that implied that adding DC might render all NAQP records meaningless,
>>or something to that effect.  That's a very weak argument in that having
>>someone show up from DC would have no more effect on any record than
>>having someone show up from Greenland or any Caribbean or Central
>>American country.  (Yet we'd all be saying "Great to see some DX
>> So I'll toss it out there again:
>>   - Why not add DC as a mult in NAQP?
>>   - What would be a valid reason not to?
>> Perhaps one of the NAQP managers might chime in.
>> 73, Mike K9NW
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