[CQ-Contest] DC and NAQP

Robert Chudek - K0RC k0rc at citlink.net
Sun Aug 12 13:36:18 PDT 2012

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On 8/11/2012 11:34 PM, George Fremin III wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 11, 2012 at 03:57:25PM -0400, Richard DiDonna NN3W wrote:
>>>> Put it to you this way, why WOULDN'T you want DC as a mult?
>>> How will this improve the NAQP?
>> Are you really being that obtuse?
> That indeed may be the case.
>>   More multipliers, more QSOs, more
>> challenge, more activity.
> Six more possible multipliers.
> Is it going to be a challenge to work DC?

Yes it is going to be more of a challenge to obtain a sweep, but not 
necessarily DC. You need to work another station in the same allotted 
time period.

> As far as QSOs go, I would expect anyone that lives in DC and will do
> this contest once DC is a multiplier is already enjoying this
> wonderful contest.  So I do not see how it will add contacts or are
> you saying that DC stations will only operate it if they are
> multipliers?

It would add more contacts in the overall contest because those stations 
looking for a sweep will need to spend more time on the air to 
accomplish that goal. It doesn't matter what new multiplier you add, 
there is more effort needed to sweep.

For example, if there were 60 multipliers, if you were to average 1 
multiplier per minute in a 60 minute contest, and you added one 
multiplier (61), that change pushes you to work multipliers faster than 
1 per minute. More challenge.

Another way of looking at it in this 60 minute contest, if you average 4 
stations per minute, you would need to work 4 additional stations (on 
average) to guarantee you will work the extra multiplier. More QSOs for 

> Here is the thing.
> I get it.
> I think I touched on this in another email.
> You would like DC added as a multiplier in the NAQP.
> It would make the contest more fun for you.
> The people needing your multiplier would be more excited to work you.
> These are some of the real reasons that you want to add DC
> to the NAQP.  It is OK to tell us these reasons.
> This will only really change the contest experience for stations in DC
> - and that might not be a bad thing.  I would suggest you write the
> sponsors of the contest and get them to change the rules for you.
Nope, this changes the game for everyone, not just DC stations. There's 
no denying the "fun factor" will increase for a DC station if it is 
added as a multiplier. I packed my bags and went to North Dakota one 
year specifically for that reason, the "fun factor".

> And, yes, I too think that it is silly that Rome counts as five DXCC
> countries and that there are buildings in NYC that are countries.
I agree that contest sponsors set their rules, whether we like the rules 
or not. It's their contest. But a healthy discussion might influence the 
sponsor to "change things up" from time to time. I think it's called 
"the advancement of the 'art'".

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN

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