[CQ-Contest] Reverse Beacon Network News - hopefully of general interest

Marijan Miletic, S56A s56a at bit.si
Mon Aug 13 06:28:31 PDT 2012

N4ZR of NASA Curiousity fame wrote: If you don't want to be spotted by
Skimmers, don't send CQ or TEST or "UP x", because 

these are three triggers that will tell Skimmer that you're running.  If I
recall N6TJ's normal practice at ZD8Z, he won't be spotted after he moves to
a frequency anyway, because the only thing he sends between QSOs is his


I am sure OM N6TJ recalls "DWN 2" trick to avoid ugly Skimmer spots - HI.


I used RBN telnet server instead of our S50ARX this weekend.  I was amazed
by the number of broken calls and freq errors in 100 Hz range.  However,
when I called CQ on 20 m low power on Sunday evening, USA beacons were
telling me that I am about 20 dB above the noise and replies were coming
back.  An hour later I called CQ again and only UK and Russia spoted me.
Back to S&P thanks to internet and computers intelligence.  Pileups were
broken just calling 100 Hz lower.  WAE democratic use of DXC makes it more
interesting especially on CW.




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