[CQ-Contest] DC and NAQP

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Well, as many have pointed out to me, in my haste a few days ago, I
neglected to note that PR & VI are multipliers.

So with that in mind... I can make the case that the US mults could be the
US states AND populated territories/possessions/districts.

But this is ultimately up to the contest organizers.  So unless they're
willing to consider the issue in the near future, the discussion does become
somewhat academic.


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The  mults in NAQP are US states, Canadian provinces and north American 

DC is not a state. 

This is not true.  Canadian multipliers are not Canadian provinces.  They 
are Canadian provinces AND TERRITORIES. 
Therefore Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut are three distinct  
multipliers. Combined they probably have less amateur activity than the  
District of Columbia. They are certainly much less accessible for visitors
is DC.
I used to be skeptical of DC as a multiplier, thinking that the only way  
one could operate from there was if one had access to a club station at a  
(likely highly secure) government facility. But as DC has gentrified over
past twenty years, many people have shown this not to be the case. I have 
also  visited places in the District that seemed like they would be 
comfortable places  to operate in Rover style, at least during daylight
Unfortunately American politics enters this discussion.  Granting DC  the 
contest status afforded the states would cause cognitive dissonance among  
those opposed to granting DC statehood, which would in turn result in two  
liberal Democratic Senators, plus a voting House member. I suspect many of 
those  supporting it are bummed out by our political system that gives tiny 
states  (population wise) far more political representation than large
like  California or Texas.
73  -  Jim  K8MR
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