[CQ-Contest] DC and NAQP

kenlow7 at aol.com kenlow7 at aol.com
Mon Aug 13 20:51:42 PDT 2012

>> Be careful what you wish for. In some contests (like the Sprint), being a 
>> "rare" state is a distinct disadvantage. If you are the only DC station on, 
>> everyone else will have one more mult at the end than you will...
>> Tor
>> N4OGW/5 MS

Hi Tor -

Fear not - I have a deal for you:  I'll get on from DC and you get on from MS, and we'll work each other (and everyone else ...) and we'll all be better off.   Now there's a novel idea, huh?
But wait ... don't we already do that on Thursday nights in the NCCC Sprint, ever since their enlightened Board of Directors added DC as a multiplier several years ago?  Oh, yes.

This debate is very simple:  More Mults = More Fun.   The comment I read a few days ago about 'those DC guys just wanting to be their own multiplier to feel special' is ridiculous.   
If I want an adrenaline rush, I operate from a big station elsewhere.  Sorry, but being moved from band to band in NAQP twice a year with a tribander and wires does not offer quite the same thrill.
But if DC is made a multiplier, those of us who live here will make sure it's activated.   Just look at the ARRL DX and ARRL 10-Meter contest results to see the evidence of that.

Tor is 100% right:  if DC becomes a multiplier in NAQP it will be to the net benefit of everyone else, not the DC stations.   The highest quality ops will always find the rare mults and move them.

Actually the thing I find most annoying about this 'DC' discussion is how it never seems to end.   I would kindly request the NAQP contest directors take this issue up, rule on it, and publish their decision.   
Then we can all go back to complaining about 'cut numbers' or whatever else ;-)   73,

Ken KE3X
Washington, DC


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