[CQ-Contest] Reverse Beacon Network News - hopefully of generalinterest

Bill Feidt bill at ng3k.com
Tue Aug 14 05:16:55 PDT 2012

On 08/13/2012 08:56 PM, Pete Smith N4ZR wrote:

> I believe that Win-Test already has this option, but I wonder why it is
> necessary.  I have gotten very used to the sequence of
> Click/listen/tweak/call.  The tweak is almost often ~200 Hz.  The time
> lost is trivial.

Pete, no doubt it's easy enough for the calling operator to implement 
the tweak on the fly.  But, the benefit for having it occur 
automatically would be to the CQing station who would be less likely to 
have multiple stations calling him all at once, zero-beat his frequency. 
  Operators who omit the "tweak" step cause the problem for the CQer and 
an automatic random offset would be step toward eliminating such skimmer 



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