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Jukka Klemola jpklemola at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 09:21:28 PDT 2012

Excellent !

This tells two things:

Despite what has been written here recently, there still are DX who
know what they are doing with the round knobs they have sticking outta
the  box with a fan and corners. (i.e. the Radio)

What makes the story real bizarre, is the distribution of people
pointing and clicking the DX on the band map .. Some have a magical
ability to call a tad down and then also a bit up to get to add the
letters and numbers on the log line.

The skills are !

Jukka OH6LI

2012/8/14 Zack Widup <w9sz.zack at gmail.com>:
> I noticed in a small pile-up on a CW station in a contest recently
> that the station had a large number of stations calling him zero-beat
> and a small number of stations calling down about 200 Hz. He was
> working the people who were calling him down. He actually started to
> develop a pileup there, so some people were listening.
> I called him up above the pileup about 200 Hz and worked him there, so
> he was tuning around a bit.
> 73, Zack W9SZ
> On 8/13/12, Tony Rogozinski <trogo at telegraphy.com> wrote:
>> Why not do it like we used to do it – find a station you want to work –
>> LISTEN and find out where he is LISTENING and working guys and if he is
>> tuning
>> between Q’s – up or down – THEN AND ONLY THEN CALL – and if you don’t work
>> him then LISTEN again to see who did work him and on what frequency.
>> The problem with all this new fangled technology is that people simply don’t
>> know how the hell to operate!
>> Tony
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