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KU7Y ku7y.cw at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 03:55:28 PDT 2012

As someone who is QRP CW most of the time, I have learned to Listen, Listen 
and then Listen some more when I hear a pile up.

I remember that one of the first big lessons I learned was from listening to 
Ron, ZL1AMO during one of his many island operations.  I had an old rig with 
no filters and no RIT, XIT, 2nd Rx or even a VFO A/B set up.  While trying 
to tune up and still keep him in the passband enough to copy, I would hear 
about every 5th caller sounding different.  I soon realized that those 
people were calling from 1 to 2 down, not up.  For several years I managed 
to work Ron with only a call or two by calling down about 2 every 5th time! 

Jim, at ZD8Z seemed to always follow a good pattern too.

I bought my FT-1000MP because it had a 2nd Rx and I could follow the pile up 
and know where the DX "should" be listening next.

The very worst thing that can happen IMHO, is for a DX station to get 
spotted!  I need to find them before the pile up starts!  There is nothing 
that can replace the old fashioned, time tested method of Listening, 
Listening and then Listening some more!

If you want to hone your calling skills, drop down to 5w, put up a poor 
antenna and get ready to learn!  :-)

I have a lot of admiration for all the DX stations, (operators), that manage 
to hear my weak little signal!  And I also thank them when they stick with 
it during those times when they need several try's to get the call.

OK, back in my hole,

Ron, KU7Y
SOWP 5545M
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
Brenda, AZ (Winter)
Caldwell, ID (Summer)
ku7y at qsl.net
KX3 #0062 

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