[CQ-Contest] K6Z 2011 CQP M/M County Expedition Webpage

Timothy Coker n6win73 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 02:24:45 EDT 2012

I have just finished working on a webpage for the past K6Z 2011 CQP
Multi-Multi County Expedition to Inyo County, California. An all time new
record was set for in-state M/M County Expedition besting the old record
set in 1999 by over 200k points. The group of eight operators came within
15k points of beating the top fixed California Multi-Multi in 2011.

Pictures, station description, link to the 3830 write up, and final results
after log checking are included. It can be seen here:


Only 47 days and 9 hours until the 2012 California QSO Party! I hope to
work many of you from home this year on October 6 & 7.



Tim / N6WIN.

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