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Syl et al,
First, some historical perspective:  For WRTC-2010, the factor for  SOLP 
was 0.7.  We sought to increase the incentive for operating LP in  WRTC-2014 
qualifying events, and, after much behind-the-scenes discussion,  arrived at 
0.9.  Many argue that operating in the actual WRTC event  requires skills 
that closer align to HP operations as the sought-after WRTC  operators can run 
more frequently than typical LP entrants.
Secondly, I disagree that it hurts the urban op.  It would seem that  you 
could better keep pace with your competition by using LP than if you  
ventured into HP when using a smaller station, even with the 10% score  adjustment.
Thirdly, I wonder aloud why this topic arises now, two years after the  
selection criteria were issued.  
Lastly, I see that you also posted this to CQ-Contest, thus the copy to  
that list as well.  
GL & 73, Dan, K1TO
WRTC-2014 Team Selection Director
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The WRTC 2014 Team Selection criteria are given  here

Could some please explain why the SO LP weighting  factor (0.9) is less 
the SO HP (1.0) weighting factor?

It  penalizes those of us that live in a urban environment and need to run 
in order to  keep peace with the neighbors :)

tnx - Syl -  VE5Zx

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