[CQ-Contest] Invitation to Scandinavian Activity Contest 2012

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Fri Aug 24 16:25:33 EDT 2012

A personal invitation to the 54th Scandinavian Activity Contest 2012
 – The Polar Battle

* CW: 15 – 16 September, 1200 – 1200 UTC
* SSB: 13 – 14 October, 1200 – 1200 UTC

Last year was another landmark in the development of the Scandinavian
Activity Contest. Finland arranged a successful edition of the “Polar
Battle” and as a reminder, the special trophies by PileUP! magazine
are on their way by post delivery to their worthy winners.The regular
plaques and diplomas were all delivered before this summer. The year
2012 will not be an exception from our ambitions to develop SAC!
Additional efforts have taken place inside Scandinavia to promote
participation in SAC. More Scandinavian stations than ever will be on
the air. This year conditions have for sure improved even further, and
many stations are ready to work you on all five bands, regardless of
your geographical position. Many Scandinavian stations have excellent
setups that will increase your chances of logging them on many bands.

Do not miss openings on 10 and 15 meters! Multipliers are very
important for the Scandinavian stations during the Polar Battle. From
time to time they will ask you to move to another band, chasing you as
a new multiplier!

The meeting place for all information about SAC is at
http://sactest.net. There you find the rules,log robot, results,
downloadable awards and other important announcements. In the rules
you will find the recently added category ASSISTED for participants
outside Scandinavia. If you want to use a DX Cluster or the Reverse
Beacon Network, this is the category for you.

This year we will try something new, National Team Contesting. The
Scandinavian nations will each be represented by a team of six
stations. All participants in the NTC Trial will publish their scores
continuously on the Realtime Scoreboard at http://cqcontest.ru. They
will also provide live video and audio streams from their stations. We
hope that this will make contesting more interesting for everyone and
be a good learning experience. Be sure to take a look at
http://cqcontest.ru during both the CW and SSB legs!

Enjoy SAC and see you on the bands in this edition of the Polar Batttle!

SM5AJV Ingo,
SAC Contest Committee Team Leader

See also the attachment in PDF

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