[CQ-Contest] Split operation in CQ WW CW

Tom W8JI w8ji at w8ji.com
Mon Aug 27 09:51:38 EDT 2012

> Split operation in CW contest is a very useful tool. Every DX being
> covered by pile up should use split (of course in a sensible way). It
> should be encouraged to full extent. Complaining about using too much
> space is simply ridiculous considering that there is abundance of space on
> the bands for CW.

Not during the more active contests over here. During the more active 
contests, there are often stations every few hundred Hz.

Also, I am not sure most people tune dead zero beat anyway. Certainly many 
do not have the pitch recognition or take time to tune exactly center, and 
some systems have a sidetone offset from RX/TX pitch center. It is not 
unusual to find people 300 Hz or more off when they try to be exact.

It would be interesting to see statistics on how many people call off 
slightly. I know it happens so much when I operate, I tune the receiver up 
and use the widest "lower sideband" CW bandwidth allowed by adjacent QRM. I 
just am not sure how often it happens. 

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