[CQ-Contest] Split operation in CQWW CW

Lloyd Cabral kh6lc at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 27 17:13:56 EDT 2012

>From my perspective the problem isn't listening up a specific amount...a few hundred hertz.   On crowded bands it does 
become a problem when someone is listening up over several khz.   In that situation, people spread out hoping to find 
that "sweet spot" and make the contact.    If you jump in somewhere between the station and his "wide pile" you certainly
hear about it.   At that point a single station is indeed taking up much more spectrum than necessary.    This isn't about a 
single signals bandwidth.   It's about the responsibility of an operator to keep his pileup in close and the "total bandwidth"
used to a minimum.   If there's more room to operate then everyone has more fun. 
73 & Aloha
Lloyd  KH6LC

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