[CQ-Contest] Real-time display of contest progress - for non-hams to watch

Kristinn Andersen kristinn1 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 19:54:09 EDT 2012

Hi all:

I am going to take part in one of the common CW contests this fall, and
have the station in a public are where non-hams may stop by to watch (a
PR-stunt). Is there any software that can display my "progress" in a decent
way, on an auxiliary screen or a projector, and make the whole thing in
some way interesting to those watching?  For example, a world map display
showing the countries or multipliers as they stack up. Or, bar-graphs or
even just numbers, showing the number of Q's.  Or, showing my progress as
compared to others (not sure, though, that I would like to be pitched
against the superstations in that comparison...). Showing the signals
decoded on a display?

I think I have heard of something like that in the past.  Any comments or
suggestions to make a CW contest operation in a public space something
interesting and flashy to non-ham bystanders?

73 - Kristinn, TF3KX


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