[CQ-Contest] down the path with Dave

Tom W8JI w8ji at w8ji.com
Sun Dec 2 13:05:49 EST 2012

> Tom, I think maybe you misunderstood where I'm coming from.  Unlike Joe,
> W4TV, I believe that using Skimmer is just like using a cluster, only
> more powerful.  I have never argued for Skimmer use *not* putting
> someone in the assisted category.

I think it is more powerful too, especially when the skimmer is good and 
local. The problem is having the skimmer hear as well as a receiver and the 
main ears.

 I was simply trying to refute
> Charly's argument that it takes all the skill out of operating.

Well, it does remove some of the skill requirements. It can be like a second 
spotting op.

> One of the interesting things about CW Skimmer is that it is cumulative.
> For a single op, that means that you can mute the Skimmer SDR while
> you're transmitting, and it will pick up with spotting as soon as you
> stop.  I see this happen all the time here - Skimmer will spot a station
> or two as soon as I am not transmitting any longer.

I'm a performance perfectionist, so I think it should decode all the time. 
Plus some people have two transmitters running without gaps.  Besides, who 
ever stops sending to listen?? :-)


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