[CQ-Contest] WRTC

Steef steefpa3s at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 06:33:43 EST 2012

Hello  you all,

Please please please don’t get me wrong!!!!!!!

I am not trying to be part of the WRTC team!!

I don’t even have the money to do such a thing, so it is no option to me.

But what is wondering me, is the way the score for the WRTC is working.

If I take 4 days free of work to build a station, beak down a station,
participate almost the complete 48 hours, break my own al band assisted PA
record with 1 mil of points work myself into sweat first time SO2R, I get
rewarded with 254.19 points.

And if I participate with the MM station PI4CG, where I was just a guest,
operated a couple of hours, got to get a good night sleep at home, where
some stations were not even manned for a great part of the time, I get
rewarded with 565.10 points!

So to me that looks like, it is not what you know or what you can, but it
is who you know and what they can.

Seems an odd way to determine who is the best.

Especially when I know some real good contest operators who don’t even show
up in the list.





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