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I have used RG 59 for 160M, running 1 KW -- for many hundreds of contacts, 
SSB and CW ... as long as the antenna is properly matched to the frequency, 
NO problem!  Had that system up for about a year, back in my Washington DC 
era!  RG 11 would certainly be better, but ... this IS ham radio!  Free RG 
59 works for a lot of things ... and in an emergency or temporary situation, 
will work with all kinds of aerials!  RG8X works for most hams, use it here, 
but again .. antenna should be matched to frequency .. high SWR is not 
tolerated well by the smaller coax.  There are all kinds of  suggestions on 
the Internet as to matching your system.  RG11 is most likely at your local 
Radio Shack .. or any TV/satellite shop.  Try to get the best match possible 
so as not to need to use an antenna tuner for impedance matching.  I use one 
here, though, it has a pair of 3-500 tubes to help squirt out the RF .. HIHI 
!  73  Mark  AA6DX

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It was 68 degrees today and the 80m delta loop is up and ready to connect to 
a 75ohm matching transformer. I know I can use RG11, but I was wondering if:

1. There is a thinner version that will handle 1.5kw on 80m...ala RG8X?

2. Will RG59 handle the power?

3. Any good sources to buy a small piece of RG11 (probably 50ft). Most 
places sell in bigger quantities.

4. To calculate the length of the transformer, is it 234/f X VF?


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