[CQ-Contest] LotW Status 2012-12-10

Bill Parry bparry at rgv.rr.com
Tue Dec 11 15:46:44 EST 2012

I understand your thought in making this suggestion BUT... One of my main
objectives in using LOTW is to reduce the number of paper QSLs that I get.
I get lots of guys that want a card for every QSO that they make with me
(mostly JA). I am pretty sure that LOTW has cut way back on that. (Yes, I
know it sounds crazy but I have guys that have asked for paper confirmation
for lots of QSOs on the same bands!) I hate not to respond but LOTW seems to
have hit the spot for a lot of these guys. I even upload my log to EQSL and
Clublog, even though I never use them.

I wouldn't mind if that were to be an option available to us, but I wouldn't
use it. Through the use of LOTW, using cards that I include 10 QSOs per card
and confirming every QSO with a station every time they send me a card, I
have cut down my outgoing QSLs by 50%.  I don't want to do anything that
will cause that number to go back up!

As an option, this would be fine.

Bill W5VX

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How about letting LotW participants opt out of LotW QSLs for dupes? How many
QSLs do I need (for example) for one station in Pennsylvania on 40 Meters
CW? I chose AA3B just as a WAS test case and checked him for my past two
years of operation from Wisconsin: 8 QSLs. 

I chose LZ9W as a DXCC-based test case, 20 Meters CW since 2004: 15 QSLs.

I would be perfectly happy to have all my dupe QSLs (and the attendant QSOs)
purged from LotW. My 36000 LotW log entries since 2004 include only about 30
or so non-contest contacts, so there are many thousands of dupes. I would
not miss them at all, I don't need them. 

The only hang-up I can think of would be the "special" awards that last one
year. Surely a work-around could be found. 

Respectfully suggested,

Jim Cain, K1TN
Licensed 51 years
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