[CQ-Contest] LOTW and Contest Logs

dt wd5r at ozarkisp.net
Wed Dec 12 20:58:43 EST 2012

Having been isolated on an Arkansas chicken farm 
for over 40 years,
I have fallen far behind in the technical details 
of this game we play.

As i read the discussion concerning the pro's and 
con's of the tight security system
associated with LOTW, a question comes to mind.

How bad could the system be wrecked if I and some 
of my overseas friends had the
option of uploading our logs to LOTW without 
having jumped through all the hoops.?

Those of us that aren't capable of making the 
present  process easy,
  would not be qualified to put much of a dent in 
a less controlled system.

Maybe just create a "ham-di-cap' entrance for us 
less knowledgeable old guys .

Oh, I bought a new computer and had to set it 
aside because I had trouble
moving my "authorization' from the old system.

Yes, yes, i know. I should be able to read 
I passed code and theory in 1953.
  Don't feel i should have to pass 'computer 101' 
in 2012
in order to participate in this game.

Doug, n5ect
2nd in command at WD5R

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