[CQ-Contest] Contest Awards.

brian coyne g4odv at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Dec 14 05:24:36 EST 2012

I know that Contest Managers from many countries that organise contest subscribe to this Reflector and I would like to make a suggestion for their consideration.
As an entrant it always a pleasure to receive an award following any event and an even greater pleasure is  to obtain a plaque.
Low power ops do not often have the opportunity to obtain a plaque due to the fact that organisers run out of sponsors before they get past the high power listings. No complaints about that, Ces''t la Vie.
Reading up on the rules for the 9A contest this coming weekend I checked up on the results for 2011 I discovered that my world #1 score for Lp stn's was actually higher than the #1 stn for the HP category. 
It does seem to me that changing the wordings for events where there are no donors for plaques below the HP categories to something like 'Highest scoring Station' would be fairer method and I could see no complications with that or have I overlooked something?

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