[CQ-Contest] which contests would require me to sign AA7XT/0

William Hein bill.aa7xt at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 10:04:01 EST 2012

When I first lived in Colorado, in the '90s, I had the call AA6TT.  As a
rule I did not sign "AA6TT/0" since this was my permanent station location,
I wasn't portable.  In CQ WW contests however I did sign /0 as I recall the
rules required me to do so.

I'm now back living and hamming in Colorado with a non-zero call AA7XT
(long story).  I checked CQ WW rules today to see if would have to sign /0
in that contest and I didn't see any rules concerning portable calls.  Did
CQ drop this rule?

Are there any contests that will require me to sign /0?

Bill AA7XT
Glade Park CO

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