[CQ-Contest] Skimmer spots

Paul Ferguson Paul at PaulFerguson.us
Tue Feb 7 06:28:05 PST 2012

When a station derives information from the Reverse Beacon Network and posts a 
spot on the traditional cluster, the important information about where the DX 
was heard is lost. 

I would like to see stations that submit spots not coming from their own 
antennas give us an indication of where the DX is being heard. They could place 
info in the Comments field of the spot to give the call of the station actually 
hearing the DX. 


> I'm afraid that this would be throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  
> The spots that W3LPL provides on the traditional cluster network are 
> *derived from* the Reverse Beacon Network, but then filtered in several 
> ways to try to ensure that only 'desirable' spots are posted.  I'm sure 
> Frank will explain further if he pleases.

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