[CQ-Contest] SSB Sprint This Saturday Night

Mike Wetzel mjwetzel at comcast.net
Wed Feb 8 09:19:56 PST 2012

The SSB Sprint is this Saturday night.   Activity in the last  SSB Sprint
was up with logs received up over 100%!   I want to thank all stations that
got on-- it was fun!  Let's do it again this weekend and make it even better
this time.   More activity in the SSB Sprint will make it more fun and
enticing for everyone.

Take a break from the RTTY contest and talk to someone using SSB.

             Suggested frequencies:

 14175 to 14300

7128 to 7200

3750 to 3820 excluding 3790 to 3800 (DX Window)  

When first calling a CQ please check the frequency and avoid other QSOs.

 Here are some advantages of a sprint contest.

Simple exchange:

 CONTACT NUMBER, starting w/ ONE, and your NAME AND STATE.  (Contact number
only obstacle from normal QSO).

Great way to try and work AS MANY STATES AS POSSIBLE in only 4 hours long.

 The sprint is a different kind of contest.

 Fast moving but plenty of room for everyone.

 Family oriented  a full commitment takes only 4 hours on a Saturday night.

 Learn the names of the contesters you work.

 Enter for as long as you like.  The more the merrier.

 Plenty of ways to compete - High Power, Low Power, QRP.

 160 Meter Antenna not required. (Only 3 bands-20, 40 and 80)

 Form a team and have even more fun.

 Rewards good S&P skills.

 Set a new record for your state.



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