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Probably we have some different point of view. 
Here, 55 degrees North and 25 degrees East, nothing spectacular on my point of view - probably few average regions will not give us a good chance on 15/10 meters to North America. Looks like coronal hole is forming as well - if so, we will have problems with northern directions to USA and Canada (310-340 degrees). But that is the life.
Sure you in NC will have much better situation with Central, South and West Europe where number of participants and activity is really high and light rice of SSN numbers will "open you the doors wide enough" to EU.
You are about 20 degrees south  to compare with me - probably this difference is the key moment in our points of view :)

73, Remi LY8O

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Nuo: Nathan moreschi 

> Remi,
> I think the stereo image looks pretty good. It appears a cluster of 4 
> to 5 groups of spots could be rotating into view soon.
> 73,
> Nate/N4YDU
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> Rick,
> Probably you know old good friend Murphy... There is only a light hope 
> the things will improve before the ARRL DX CW but STEREO images shows 
> nothing spectacular in upcoming days. Lets keep our fingers crossed.
> 73, Remi LY8O
> NQ4I wrote:
> Hi all...have the sunspots peaked and are they gone? The SSN number is 
> running at 24...a really low number...should be near 100 or 
> above...have we seen the peak of the cycle?
> I still have seen propagation on 10m and 15m to EU but short openings 
> and very limited in scope.
> de Rick NQ4I
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