[CQ-Contest] NAQP-RTTY on Saturday February 25, 2012

K6UFO Mark Aaker k6ufo at arrl.net
Tue Feb 14 15:23:54 PST 2012

The North American QSO Party - RTTY will be Saturday February 25, 2012. 
The party runs from 1800Z February 25 to 0600Z February 26, 2012. 
For example, in Chicago that's Saturday Noon to Midnight. 

An "on-the-air" practice session is planned the preceding evening 
Friday February 24th at 0300Z - 0330Z (in Chicago that's 9 - 9:30PM). 
Check your messages, try a couple bands, get a signal report 
and get ready for the party the next day. Use the NAQP exchange and 
NAQP Rules, but no reporting or log submission. 

Speaking of the NAQP Rules, they can be found at:
along with logging guidance, previous results and the NAQP RTTY Records.

Please remember:
  No high power - 100 watts maximum.
  Single op entrants operate 10 of the 12 hours, with minimum 30 minute off 
times, while multi-two entrants can operate the entire 12 hours.
  Logs due 14 days following the end of the contest.
  Submit logs by uploading at: <http://www.ncjweb.com/naqplogsubmit.php>

If you're new to RTTY, check out the Tutorials, Example Messages and other 
RTTY operating guidance by AA5AU at: <http://rttycontesting.com/>

You may wish to recruit a "Team" of 2 to 5 single operators who will have their 
scores combined for a Team score. I always enjoy the creative Team names. 
Teams must be registered before the start of the contest at the Team Registration 
link on <http://www.ncjweb.com/contests.php>

I look forward to seeing you in NAQP RTTY on Saturday February 25, 2012.

Mark Aaker K6UFO
NAQP RTTY Contest Manager
k6ufo at arrl.net

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