[CQ-Contest] YL Contester survey

N2GA at aol.com N2GA at aol.com
Fri Feb 17 10:41:10 PST 2012


I am the contesting editor for CQ Amateur Radio Magazine and am looking to  
get in touch with YL contesters.  If you are a YL contester and are  
interested in providing your opinion for an upcoming column, please respond  
directly (not through the reflector) to me.  Please take a look at the  questions 
below and provide answers, elaborating anywhere you feel it is  
appropriate.  Thanks in advance!
1) Your full name and callsign
2) Your City, State/Province, Country
3) Years you have been a ham
4) Do you consider yourself a contester?
5) What types of contests do you participate in?
6) What is it about contesting that you find interesting and what keeps you 
7) How did you get started in contesting?
8) Who is your most important contesting mentor and why?
9) Do you think YL hams have any advantages or disadvantages in  contesting?
10) Do you participate in contests in which YL's are a multiplier (like the 
 YLRL YL-OM contest)?
11) In your opinion, how important is YL participating in  contesting?
12) What other contesting topics are of importance to you?
13) Can you also provide me with a high resolution JPG photo of you  with 
your answers
Thanks in advance, George
George Tranos N2GA
Contesting editor, CQ Amateur Radio Magazine
_http://www.cq-amateur-radio.com/_ (http://www.cq-amateur-radio.com/) 

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