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Jukka Klemola jpklemola at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 13:04:40 PST 2012

Such complicated external HW with all related wiring is not needed.

TR has a PTT/CWout delay.
Also N1MM has the similar function.

I still use both at my stations - depending on the operator wishes.
Of course it must be configured before it works.

I think also TR4W has the same functionality.

Many think more modern computers without LPT or COM ports naturally
require the associated HW.
I think a 'normal' USB to serial converters do the trick -->
complicated external HW is not really needed.

The old computer->CW interfaces function no problem with the right adapter.
Those have been discussed here on contesting reflector.

The only really complicated thing is, the operator has to start to
learn to send CW using the keyboard with changing to N1MM from TR. At
least to me, that seems like having to learn something my brain

Jukka OH6LI

2012/2/20 Tom W8JI <w8ji at w8ji.com>:
> With the Winkeyer, you can use the PTT lines.
> MFJ makes a CW keyer, the 495, than can be manually keyed and has
> programmable keying delay.
> DX Engineering has a sequencer that passes through PTT lines or CW with
> delay.
> The Winkeyer I had nothing to do with. The last two, I designed specifically
> for radios that do not include a delay.
> This all makes wiring complicated compared to the radio doing delay. A
> better hope is that Elecraft changes firmware for the delay, because it
> really is a good idea to have adjustable TX delay or inhibit that does not
> alter the CW.
> My antenna switch controllers are Ameritron RCS12, which lock off the
> amplifier for pre-programmed times, and have internal band decoders to
> prevent picking the wrong antenna. This prevents operators from damaging
> relays.
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>> Tom,
>> I recently ran into the same problem with not enough TX delay of K3 in PTT
>> mode to use some PA and stack external switching. I wonder what work
>> around do you use. Since external sequencer and total rewiring is not an
>> option for my purposes (DXpedition), I plan to build additional delay into
>> DB15 connector body using KEY OUT and INHIBIT signals  available in the
>> AUX connector of K3.
>> Does it sound like a good work around?
>> 73, Igor UA9CDC
>>> The K3 is not without flaw either. It would be nicer if it could be made
>>> softer, and have ability to have TX delay without is chopping up the
>>> characters. The lack of being able to add TX delay was giving me fits
>>> with
>>> rising edge clicks from external switching times, until I added an
>>> external
>>> sequencer. It took major hardware and wiring changes to work around the
>>> lack
>>> of being able to just slightly increase TX delay.
>>> I think 1 kHz is a good target spacing, unless the rigs are better. Then
>>> 500
>>> Hz is probably a minimum for most rigs. It should not be that way, but
>>> that
>>> is how it is. The lower the RX noise floor, the worse the transmitter
>>> problem becomes. I imagine a MP sounds OK with S7 or louder background
>>> noise.
>>> 73 Tom
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