[CQ-Contest] TS590S / Tentec Eagle

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Many thanks to all of you who replied, both on and off reflector, your input was very helpful.

The below mails from Chadd and Igor pretty sum up what most of you said.

Interesting to note I had no responses from hams with first-hand experience of the Eagle.

See you in ARRL SSB from ED5T! 

73 de Duncan EA5ON

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I agree.  I use a K3 and TS-590 together in SO2R.  The TS-590 clearly has fewer features than the K3, but the receiver performance is only the slightest bit below the K3 and the noise reduction may even be better in some cases.  I think it's a great value and performs very well for me right next to a K3 using the same antennas.  Don't get me wrong.  I really love my K3  and would never give it up, but if I was building a station on a budget and I wanted 100 watts output, I'd go for the TS-590 without hesitation.
-Chadd KK7S

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> I have  Elecraft K3 here and TS590 as a back up radio. Although K3 is 
> defenetely better with it's 2 independent RX,  adjustable AGC SLOPE 
> AND THRESHOLD parameters and better choise of roofing filters. TS 590 
> now is probably the best value for money.
> 73, Igor UA9CDC
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> >I currently have an FTdx-5000.
> >
> > If I hadn't already bought it, I'd be buying the TS590S.  It's the 
> > best kept secret in performance radios out there, priced way better 
> > than it ought to be.
> >
> > 73, de Hans, K0HB
> >
> >
> >> 

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