[CQ-Contest] Run rates back in the day

Lee Buller k0wa at swbell.net
Fri Feb 24 14:42:06 PST 2012

I think they are about the same with maybe a little edge to the computer...but 
not by much.  back in the day of paper, you could write very fast of course, but 
it was the duping that slowed you down.  A lot of guys would dispense with 
duping and work everything....twice and sometimes three times.  You duped your 
logs before you sent them in.

Computers just cut down on the duping time....PLUS....added two radios....but I 
think some guys were doing that in the days of paper.

I think the rates are about the same....

Lee - K0WA

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I have a question for old time contesters.  Before the Internet,  packet 
radio, DX clusters and skimmers, what were typical CW and SSB contest  running 
rates?  I imagine they must have been much less than current  ones.

Kermit, AB1J
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