[CQ-Contest] IOTA Contest Results

Don Field don.field at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 08:45:16 PST 2012

Just a short note to apologise for the late arrival of the 2011 IOTA
Contest results, as I am getting quite a few enquiries.

Jim MM0BQI and I had completed the bulk of the work by late September, but
I was then away on the T32C trip (and have had quite a few T32-related
responsibilities since returning) and Jim has been carrying a double load
at work, since one of his colleagues left.

Rest assured, it shouldn't be too long now. It's mainly a case of
corresponding with a number of entrants where there is a question about
category or some other aspect of their log, and giving them time to
respond, then we will issue the preliminary results, but allowing, as
usual, a short period for appeals before making them final.

The good news, for IOTA awards chasers, is that the database has already
been made available to the awards team, so those of you wanting to claim
contest contacts for awards credit can do so.

73 Don G3XTT
IOTA Contest Manager

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