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A true EDZ with 0.625 WL legs and 0.125 WL balanced line feed will present a 
~ 50 to 75 Ohm feed point impedance, depending on whether it is installed 
with the legs inline or drooping as in an "inverted vee"..

Simply slip a few ferrite beads over the end of your 50 Ohm coax to create 
your own 1:1 choke balun, and connect it to the end of the balanced line.

You will NOT need a 4:1 balun, NOR a tuner, for the single band for which 
the antenna was constructed.  The bandwidth will be somewhat narrower than a 
dipole but a near perfect match at the resonant frequency.

This construction makes a great bi-directional antenna if installed 
horizontally and a superb omni-directional antenna if installed vertically.

I have made, installed and used EDZs from 70 CM (440 MHz installed 
vertically) to 160 Meters (installed horizontally with the apex at 250' 
AGL).  All of them have performed excellently.  YMMV.

73 and good luck de Milt, N5IA

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I am planning an EDZ for 10mhz between two towers at 90 feet. My basic 
questions are:

If I only want it for 1 band.....

a. Can the ladder line be any length if the balanced tuner is directly 
beneath the antenna?

b. Could I make a stub as per formula, use a 4:1 balun at the end of the 
stub, and run coax into the shack to a tuner near the transmitter?



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