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A sad day indeed.  The drive from the airport to the beach hotels was always
marked by the appearance of Joop's tower a few hundred feet from the main
highway.  Like a welcoming beacon, it was one of the marks of transition
from stressful stateside life to balmy relaxation on "One Happy Island."
His open air home was, as Andy and others have noted, always open for
visitors and Yvonne made sure you had a cool beverage while Joop entertained
with tales of times gone by, often in the former Dutch colonies. 

We will miss his trademark CW note (slightly hard) on the air and his
animated presence in person.

Scott, K0DQ / P40Q    

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Yes, Joop and Yvonne have been extremely hospitable to visiting hams on 
Aruba.  I and others using the P40L-P49Y station would get together with 
them on every trip, and have fond memories of drinking Heinekens and 
Balashis (Aruban beer) on his outdoor patio.
There are some pix of Joop (and his key collection and very complex shack) 
on our website:  http://arubaqth.com/social.html
  He will be greatly missed.
  73, andy ae6y, p49y

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