[CQ-Contest] Dayton Crowne Plaza - Few Rooms Still Available

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Tue Jan 31 05:39:24 PST 2012

This is an update to my previous message  of January 22.   We have filled a 
number of our rooms, but  we have now had a few health related and/or date 
conflicting  cancellations.
If you are interested in a room,   NOW is the time to act.    The chances 
are BETTER for a room with  one KING or QUEEN sized bed.    If you need 2 
beds, I can put you  our STANDBY LIST -- whether we will have any 2 bed rooms 
available is  unknown at this time.
Please read the rest of this  message  ... you will need to provide 
arrival/departure dates  ... be  prepared to make a deposit for the first night ... 
and commit to THREE nights at  the hotel.

Dear Friends:
As you probably know,   Tim  - K3LR has made special arrangements with The 
Crowne Plaza in Dayton for  Hamvention 2012.    A special telephone 
reservation period  filled virtually all rooms that were available.
I assist W8ZET in managing the only  Crowne Plaza block of  rooms that are 
NOT part of Tim's arrangement  with the hotel.     These rooms all provide 
for "Club  Floor privileges", and carry on a tradition of many years.     
What started as a core group of 12 friends or so has expanded over the  years.  
Due to the fact that some our regulars  are not able to attend Dayton this 
year,  we will have some  vacancies.    We are not sure of the EXACT number, 
but we are  now putting together a STANDBY LIST for what we have.
If you are interested in a room at The  Crowne Plaza,  you should be aware 
of these  requirements:
1.  You must commit to a stay of  3 nights at the hotel.    This is a hard 
and fast  rule.
2.   A deposit for the first  night, including tax,  of $175,15, will have 
to be made to  Janeen  Hire - W8ZET.    
3.   We need to know your  day of arrival and your day of departure.
4.   Do you need a room with  2 beds or 1 bed?    If you want 2 beds, but 
only a one bed room  is available, will you accept that?
5.   Be prepared to respond  to emails we send you, regarding room 
availability, and/or sending the  deposit.   Janeen has deadlines with the hotel for 
payment and  cancellations.
6.  You should be prepared to  have a good time!

This is a "first come, first  served", deal.     If you know you're coming 
to Dayton,  and want to be in and around the center of nighttime activity,  
we may be  able to provide a spot for you.
Questions?     Comments?       Contact me DIRECTLY  at   _k8mfo at arrl.net_ 
(mailto:k8mfo at arrl.net)     
Don Karvonen -  K8MFO

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