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Assuming it is not just in the receive line, a bandpass filter may help you keep peace with any neighbors who are on the same band and others in the contest - as it will cut down on any extra "crud" your transmitter produces.    It even works with "clean" transmitters.

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At 03:54 PM 7/2/2012, AA4NC wrote:
>If you are single op/1 radio and never listen on a band other than the one you are transmitting on, a bandpass filter isn't necessary. If you have a second receiver, then a bandpass filter could be helpful if you are trying to receive on a different band than you are transmitting on. For example, you are running on 40 meters and tuning for multipliers on 20m. If you had interference on 20m from your transmitted signal on 40, a bandpass filter could make a big difference in being able to hear 20m as you transmit on 40m.
>There is a lot of expertise here on the reflector for station design. It sounds like you are just asking fundamentally if it would help out in your situation.
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>If I operate single op and never transmit on two bands at once, is a bandpass filter necessary?  Is it helpful?

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