[CQ-Contest] Contest Rules

Phillip Conza zl2tze at yahoo.com.au
Tue Jul 10 15:28:06 PDT 2012

            In this day and age rules have to be 100 % as the armchair / bush lawyers will have a field day on any ambiguous meanings.

Many a race ( car/boat/horse ) has been lost over a rule book , contesting is no different  its a race,  and it now appears that " some " contesters want all the i's dotted  and t's crossed  and to be fair to all they possibly should be as we are in the 21st century.

Ambiguous rules need to be removed to stop the " I read it this way and he reads it that way "
clear cut rules are good for all and easy to follow, other wise it just keeps going round in circles and nothing gets done 

It's happening here right now . plus . Two weeks ago there was case here with an op who thought he was unassisted when the call sign trustee allowed him to use a DX station call sign .. It happens ..

The intent of the rule has to be defined with no ambiguous meaning .

Just my thoughts

73 Phillip

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