[CQ-Contest] Cheating

Christian Schneider prickler.schneider at t-online.de
Wed Jul 18 12:10:04 PDT 2012

How about confronting them with the recordings first in private mail and
asking for a statement? Depending on their reaction it may be worth to
publish the call here plus allowing the "peers" to listen to the audios on a
website plus adding the reaction of the group.  
They are no newcomers based that they are capable to build and run a
M/M-station. If it is not a single short incidence but persistent during the
contest those playing fair have IMHO the right to know. I have big respect
for Multi-Op-operation trying to squeeze out the best with all the tech and
outstanding skill involved. For those doing it the cheap and dirty way a
silent or mumbling "DQ" by a sponsor may be too smooth to have an impact on
too big egos.
My two cents,
Chris (DL8MBS) 

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