[CQ-Contest] Coax Stubs Again.

Tom W8JI w8ji at w8ji.com
Wed Jul 18 13:21:33 PDT 2012

> In a 50 Ohm system, does these coax stubs also need to be 50 ohm coax?
> Or can 75 ohm stuff work OK also.  I have tons of CATV RG6 laying around
> here.

The stub operates at near infinite SWR, so it does not need to be a 50 ohm 

You'll do OK on the pass frequency because the higher impedance offsets the 
extra cable loss, but the notch won't be as deep on reject.

Some copper clad steel cables are not as good as we expect on HF based on 
VHF loss, if the cladding is very thin.

73 Tom

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