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Wed Jul 18 18:22:12 PDT 2012

Young guys can skip this post.

Years of copying NSS, NHY, and NKA fox broadcasts on tinny sounding little Navy headsets with large calibre naval guns going off nearby has finally come home to roost, and this old Sailor has some 'profound' (VA says) hearing problems.  Medium and high frequency hearing loss measures “beyond 110dB” according to their doc.

Been fitted with some fine Swiss hearing instruments, brand name "Phonak".  

Part of the package is a little Bluetooth adapter called an iCom.  Main purpose is Bluetooth link hearing aids to telephones, iPads, etc., but an interesting minor feature is a small stereo jack on the bottom, which I plugged into my FTdx-5000 phone jack.  

Wow!  It's like you have your head inside the radio!   No headset needed!   I don't need to abandon CW after all.

If any of your are a Phonak user, get this item.  Or some other brand of hearing assistance, probably has a similar functioning device.

73, de Hans, K0HB
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