[CQ-Contest] Bad Format Logs

Phillip Conza zl2tze at yahoo.com.au
Wed Jul 25 13:17:57 PDT 2012

After reading messages from Ed Munns, Bob Naumann, and Luc Moreira and many others.
Is there a problem within the Logging Software used to produce these logs or is it the hand written logs causing problems or the wrong templates ? 
What is the biggest single poke you in the eye issue , is it 
Wrong or Missing : Entrant Call sign, Date, Time , RST, Format ADIF, Word, Excel other , typos, poorly written Call sign, Poorly produced hand written log , other please expand . 
Its fine saying it's bad formatting but which format is it ? 
If there are so many logs submitted that are rejected by the robot and need the human interface to sort them out then there is 
something grossly wrong. 
We as contesters need to step up and look at it and possibly start an education program on how to correctly produce logs. 

1/ Its either a poor understanding by the submitter on what is required or they don't really know or only read half the rules 
2/ Using the wrong software to produce the required format 
3/ Couldn't care less if its right or wrong as they know they will be manually checked 
Yes the list could go on .. 
Maybe there should be more responsibility put on the log submitters as of next year to submit logs in the correct format 
Education and mentoring will also help but the time comes when you have to say you can't hold their hands any longer and make it 
known that incorrectly produced logs submitted to the robot etc will be deleted as of 01/01/13 after this date it’s the responsibility of the submitter to have them right. 

As to CQs log submitting now going to what appears to be full Internet based / Email submitted to 5 days after the event, this will either make lots of manual work or they will have a huge pile of rejects it would be nice to know what happens and how much human interfacing is going to happen and will CQ manually check or just return or reject. 

73 Phillip

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