[CQ-Contest] Log submission time

Chuck w5pr at swbell.net
Wed Jul 25 20:19:13 PDT 2012

>>Enter contest, don't bother sending in log
> My bet is on an increase in non-submitted logs, not that those logs matter
> all that much.

It will make a difference in the number of "uniques."  I think the more logs 
the better.  I don't like the idea of two classes of logs either. It should 
either be submitted for all purposes or nothing.  I usually submit my log 
before leaving the shack.  What the heck do cheaters do, sit around and 
think up calls to put in the middle of the log?  What serious competitor has 
time to do that?  Would that not be obvious?  Could that not be checked?  Is 
this really broken?  Do we need to fix it?  Are we not discriminating 
against the marginal entries who would not be in the top tier of finishers?
I will abide by whatever is decided, but I would hope the 8 day rule will be 
considered, since I have not yet been able to submit my CQ VHF log due to 
internet problems at the shack and rain since then so I have not been back 
out to the shack...

Chuck W5PR

Chuck W5PR
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