[CQ-Contest] Do I need to operate assisted to figure out the calls?

Steve Sacco NN4X nn4x at embarqmail.com
Mon Jul 30 16:00:55 PDT 2012

When I run across a station who refuses to ID, I make up an exotic 
callsign, and use that when I work them:

[ME] : NN4X
[NON-IDing STATION] : NN4X 599 15
[ME] : ZA1XX de NN4X 599 5

At this point, they're forced to either ID, or know they're going to 
lose the QSO.

It's been very effective.


On 7/30/2012 9:04 AM, Barry wrote:
> A lot of these stations seem to be from the Ivory Coast and only send
> their prefix - TU.
> Barry W2UP
> On 7/30/2012 1:48 AM, Stewart GM4AFF wrote:
>> Mats, you have pretty much just said word-for-word what I said in my 3830
>> post! And I don't think we're alone - I know of 2 others who said this. As
>> well as the poor operating style, I wonder how so many people can call a
>> station who only ID's every 15 QSOs how they know his call. It made the 12
>> hr mixed UNASSISTED section very frustrating. I tuned past many stations who
>> didn't ID after 2 or 3 Q's.
>> 73
>> Stewart
>> GM4AFF (GM3F)
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>> During the IOTA Contest I realized that some stations have become so
>> self-assured that everyone checks the cluster, so the need to ID after
>> contacts has become useless.

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