[CQ-Contest] Assisted or not assisted question (yet again)

Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Fri Jun 1 17:13:48 PDT 2012

On 01/06/2012 22:55, Hank Greeb wrote:


> I fail to see why some "new technologies" are adopted wholeheartedly,
> and others are banned.

The "new technology" issue has been dealt with
many times.  As in all competitive events, new
technologies are banned when the effects of using
them are considered (by the organisers) to be
disproportionate, or when they would change the
activity to such an extent that its name would
also have to be changed.

An example of disproportionate. Men's full-length
swimsuits are banned in the Olympics - they're
too fast.

An example of name change.  Use an engine and
cycling becomes motor-cycling.

Contesting is no different.

Paul EI5DI

"Just a boy beside his radio"

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